Litter “O” first Groom

Litter O is 7 weeks old. They are vaccinated, and all the girls got their first groom (thanks to my hand, Jasmine for her help). One puffy teddy bear left to get washed up and groomed. 

Right now, we are thinking about the theme for naming them. Should we go with birds? Olive Sunbird, Owl of the Blue, Oriole Whistler. Should we go with bands? Ozzy, Oasis, Ozark Mountain Daredevil…

They’ll be going to their new homes in 2-4 weeks. Here is a sneak peek:

Green Girl

Green Girl

This girl is a high-energy performer. She’s smart and sweet, and she’ll do anything for your attention! She’ll be great for showing, or agility. 

Red Girl

This girl is going to be a working dog! She is tenacious, and follows her nose. You can catch her jumping, climbing, and digging. I am thinking she’s a barn hunt girl!

Pink Girl

This girl is a sweetie. She always wants to be in your lap and in your arms. She’s a little smaller than the rest, but her body composition is beautiful! 

Rainbow Girl

This girl has a beautiful stocky body like her auntie Jewell, wide shoulders and a slender terrier head. She’s a mid-energy dog; she likes snuggles and attention, and she also likes to perform. 

Black Boy (Pictures coming soon)

This boy is calm and snuggly. He’s quiet, and he always wants to be in your lap. He’s great with both the rowdy (red) girl and the sweet, mild (pink) girl. 

Toodles and her pups had a Spa day

These kids are looking amazing after bath and grooming. They have grown so much in the last few weeks. 

Toodles and my granddaughter

My granddaughter helping out with grooming Mama Toodles

pink, girl

Pink is our only girl in this litter, but she is stunning!

Mr. Orange is such a sweetie

Red, didn’t mind sitting on the grooming table. 

Our curious green boy.

G Litter – Three Week Update

The puppies have officially turned three weeks old!  Everyone is thriving and starting to show us their sweet little personalities.  They were introduced to toys over the weekend and immediately started dragging them around, chewing on them, and stealing them from each other.  To see more pics of each puppy, please visit the G Litter page.