About Our Goats

We breed British Guernsey diary goats and breed-ups registered through the British Guernsey Society (BGS). I am an unique breeder because I own a rare Golden Guernsey buck. The Guernsey is a golden color, with hair ranging from blonde to red. They are a medium to small sized diary goat, but they are prolific milk producers! Guernseys have the highest grass to milk conversion ratio, and the milk is a mild, sweet flavor.

My goats are all bottle fed, so they are extremely friendly. They are handled with strict biosecurity. The kids are caught at birth and bottle-fed pasturized milk. The herd is tested twice per year.

I also have the honor of being the first breeder to have gained title of Permanent Champion Doe with the American Diary Goat Association (ADGA).

Introducing ADGA’s first PERMANENT CHAMPION Guernsey Grand Champion, SheepCreek Doodlebug.