I try to keep my website up to date with information about litters, shows, and all of our accomplishments here at East Sheep Creek. If you are looking for puppy photos, you can get all of the “Pup dates” by adding me on Facebook. There, I post all of the candid pictures of the pups opening their eyes and taking their first steps. Our puppies are well-socialized with people, as they are whelped and raised in our living room.

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Puppies Available in Late July; Taking Applications

O litter pedigree

Happy to announce a new litter of Kerry Blue Terrier Puppies. Please Welcome the "O" litter! The parents are Dazzle and Corky. We have 4 girls and 1 boy born May 25, 2021. The puppies will be evaluated at 8 weeks old (roughly July 21) for show potentials. They will be ready for placement into homes (show and pet homes) after July 28. 

I will be reaching out to people who have already completed a puppy screening questionnaire first. Choosing homes for puppies is always hard work, and I consider a lot of factors, including the personality of each pup. If you would like to be added to my list of potential puppy parents, click the button below to complete a screening questionnaire.